14 Dec 2018

I got a tattoo on my recent trip to New Mexico. It was to commemorate the trip, but also to remind me of the years I lived there when I was in my twenties. They were the best years of my life.

Leaving was the hardest thing I ever did. When I left New Mexico, my heart ri...

27 May 2018

I’ve lived my life with the preconceived notion that marriage is merciless and malevolent, but it turns out I may have been wrong.

I never would have guessed that attending poetry events would teach me about the joys of married life, but in the course of learning more a...

19 Nov 2017

In Iceland, a tradition exists in which books are given as gifts on Christmas Eve and everyone spends the evening reading. Since I learned about this, Christmases in my house haven't been the same.

The tradition of giving and receiving books at Christmas is so prevalent...

5 Sep 2017

In this age of computerized library managements systems, gone are the little paper pockets containing date due cards and I miss them. Sure, it’s nice to check out my books by walking up to a machine and scanning a barcode and my library card, without standing in line a...

21 May 2017

2016 was a particularly difficult year in the celebrity death department. 2017 isn’t looking much better. I was bummed when many of these people passed: Prince; David Bowie; Gene Wilder; Leonard Cohen; and Robert Pirsig, whose book, which I read many times when I was y...

21 May 2017

A short story that I wrote some years ago as a tribute to Seattle music. Today I'm revisiting it as a tribute to Chris Cornell.

13 May 2017

Until two weeks ago, I didn’t know self-publishing short stories was a thing. I found out that you can publish your work (of any length) in eBook form via Kindle Direct Publishing. In fact, there is even a special unit within Kindle for selectively-published and curate...

30 Apr 2017

I planned on participating in #SEABookstoreDay for Independent Bookstore Day by going to the three north-of-Seattle bookstores that I went to last year: Edmonds Bookshop, Third Place Books, and University Bookstore in Mill Creek. However, I recently saw that Watermark...

2 Apr 2017

Two weeks ago, I travelled down to the Columbia River Gorge to revisit a relic. The Hotel St. Martin was opened in 1900 as a place for visitors to stay while enjoying the waters of the St. Martin’s Springs Resort. Guests haven’t slept in the hotel, however, in more tha...

25 Feb 2017

The Goldfinch was on my to-read list for a long time, but I never picked up the book when I came across it because the cover didn’t do anything to entice me and the sheer bulk of it was daunting.

However, I was in Spangler Book Exchange last month and the bookseller rec...

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Mary Senter writes in a cabin in the woods on the shores of Puget Sound. She holds certificates in literary fiction writing from the University of Washington and writes literary and historical fiction with a little nonfiction throw in. She loves the Northwest lit scene, real books, arts and culture, travel, graphic design, photography, film, baseball, and pretty much anything historic.

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